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Marty The Rat Will Change How You Feel About Pet Rats -


I made it on BuzzFeed today!   Dat makes me a big deal, wight?  

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jecamartinez said: Hi Steph! Congrats on finishing your book! Your animal illustrations are all so beautiful and there's so much charm and personality in each of them. I always look forward to your new blog posts because you constantly produce such quality art! <3

I am so sorry for being so late, I only just read this message now! Thank you so much for the kind words <3 Hearing stuff like this makes me smile and keeps the art demons away! I love your animations by the way, they really compliment the playfulness of your illustrations!

holdtightclothing said: Wow, awesome iron giant piece. Reminds me of Hari and Deepti's paper craft works. Is it for sale?

Thank you SO MUCH! I love Hari and Deepti’s works, I hope to be on the same level someday :) The piece is for sale but it’s kind of tricky - it’s at a one night only even at Little Known Shop in Anaheim and attendees to the show get first dibs on it. If it doesn’t sell then I can work with the gallery to offer it to people who weren’t at the show, so I will post an update if it’s still available after the opening, which is September 13th :)

kirayu said: It was great meeting you today in J-town Steph! I wasn't able to get any ramen but being able to buy your awesome art made up for it :)!! Meant to ask you, did you go to art school?

Omigosh, I am so sorry! I only just saw this message now! Thank you so much for stopping by and sorry to hear about the ramen, it was kind of a clusterf*ck there. I did go to art school, I am class of ‘04 at RISD! I majored in illustration and also did some animation electives while I was there :]